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Customer Success

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GenesysM2M improves network availability and lowers maintenance costs / December 2010

Annual Report shows major costs savings and reduced operation interruptions for fortune 100 retail account following the inclusion of digital service thru Genesys M2M technology.

The 2009 contract showed a 12.25% costs savings on annual maintenance from the previous year.

There were zero incidents of unscheduled or emergency service visits in 2009 which was a 20% decrease from the 2008 contract period. The majority of the decreased service visits were due to the client implementing the GenesysM2M technology on all uninterruptible power systems and battery systems related to critical power equipment.

While the client received advisement to replace a total five warranty batteries during this contract period, all were detected at early stages of deterioration and replacements were performed in coordination with scheduled maintenance visits. Because all batteries were replaced under warranty, our client did not incur any replacement costs on these battery failures and they were spared the expense of extended employee hours or cost of downtime due to battery failures.