GenesysM2M is designed to assist with asset management and, with respect to battery systems, not only monitor them, but proactively protect them from over and under charging.  GenesysM2M is a fully encompassing system that allows a client to view the active status, historical operational data and logged alerts or notifications of facility asset equipment.  The addition of the BACS, Battery Analysis and Conditioning System, furthers your knowledge of operations by including constant, current battery data as well.

GenesysM2M is based on a platform capable of communicating with all smart facility equipment.  Frequent applications include: generators, uninterruptible power systems, A/C units, fire supression systems, security, transfer switches and branch circuit monitoring.

GenesysM2M BACS is primarily designed for stationary battery system that remain in float application throughout the life cycle.  This type of application is most problematic for battery performance sustainability. Without receiving proper charge or experiencing a discharge and recharge/equalization charge, batteries degrade internally compromising reliability. BACS was devised to overcome these issues while monitoring the battery 7 x 24 x 365.

Primary BACS applications include: DC Plants, Financial Data Centers, Enterprise Data Centers, Medical Imaging Back-up, Small Computer Rooms, and utility switch gear.

GenesysM2M, along with options such as BACS, can be housed on  the servers at GenesysM2M and securely accessed via the web or installed on client’s corporate network behind their firewall. Depending on the level of security at a facility, a system installed on a client’s corporate network may be backed up by GenesysM2M or Cloud servers.