Extend Battery Life

GenesysM2M BACS

(Battery Analysis and Conditioning System)
As power reliaserver battery rackbility becomes increasingly critical, GenesysM2M BACS addresses the weakest link to any backup power system-batteries. BACS overcomes ohms law to properly apply a controlled charge to each individual jar ensuring proper voltage is maintained at the manufacturer specified rate which allows batteries to reach their targeted end-of-life.


Benefits ( View ROI )

  • Eliminate over and undercharging, the primary causes of premature battery failure
  • Maintain charge levels on each jar to within +/- .01V, exceeding manufacturers specifications
  • Virtually eliminate thermal runaway risks
  • Predict battery failure long before an actual occurrence
  • Dramatically improve your Return On Investment (ROI) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • SAS (Stand Alone System) or SaaS (Software as a Service)

Risks of overcharging:


Voltage regulated after BACS appropriates specified charge rate

- Higher temperatures

- Drying out

- Swelling

- Thermal Runaway conditions

Risks of undercharging:

- Early and excessive sulfation

- Loss of capacity

Comprehensive battery testing provides easy and early identification of failing jars:

- Daily Ohmic Value testing (1 amp), considered essential for preventing unplanned outages

- Voltage readings on each jar every 5 seconds

- Continuous temperature readings on every jar, able to sense a potential runaway condition

- Discharge and recharge currents

- Compatible with VRLA, NiCd and flooded cell batteries


3 Year limited warranty