Software as a Service (SaaS)

Web-based software allows users to see all sites, all facility equipment, without the need for proprietary servers

GenesysM2M employs two methods of connectivity giving the client complete authority regarding implementation.  While all GenesysM2M configurations can be installed as stand alone systems on the corporate network it can be implemented as encrypted, web-based systems.  This implementation offers a more detailed and adjustable format for viewing specific parameters and event activity of each device .  It can also be configured to notify/alert the specific service provider for each piece of asset equipment included on the system.  All scheduled reports can also be copied to them on your behalf.  Access to this data can reduce the quantity of on-site visits necessary for each service provider, thereby, reducing maintenance costs.

 FeaturesEnergy Consumption

  • Vendor and device-neutral allows for monitoring of all facility equipment regardless of make/manufacture including legacy battery monitoring systems by Alber, BTech, and Cellwatch
  • Scalable alarm trigger parameters
  • Customizable notification delivery and escalation
  • Automated reports verifying system operational data
  • MS, SNMP, Email, Modbus, Dry contact alerts notifications within 5 seconds with escalations
  • Secure, 120 bit encrypted system


  • Reduced maintenance costsPLM
  • Real-time event data improves first-time-fixes
  • Streamlined management system reducing training time and system update costs
  • Centralized documentation for compliance records
  • Reduce site risk due to human error