Does GenesysM2M only work with the BACS modules?

No. GenesysM2M can monitor most battery monitoring systems via their communications protocol.

Does BACS have the capability to correct manufactured defects?

No, however, they will detect them and alert you prior to failure and while the manufacturer warranty remains in effect.

How does the BACS module prevent under and over charging of the battery?

The BACS module rejects an over-charge voltage by suppressing it and allowing it to be absorbed by another battery wired in series which is not receiving the full voltage charge rate.

Is GenesysM2M  secure?

Yes. The  data transmitted from the GenesysM2M system back to the host server is 128-bit encrypted to prevent tampering.

Can the bridge-charging technology cause thermal runaway?

No. BACS appropriately distributes a float charge amount the batteries wired in series to prevent those closest to the charger from receiving too much voltage and the batteries farthest from the charger from receiving too little.  The BACS modules are smart technology and are programmed with parameters limiting the total charge applied. 

Does GenesysM2M monitor any device with a communication protocol?

Yes. Given the protocol and the client’s needs, GenesysM2M can integrate most protocols in our system and the client’s GUI  can be modified to show the required device or devices.

Are the BACS modules manufactured wtih fail-safes to prevent them from damaging the battery or being damaged by the battery?

Yes. The BACS modules have over voltage protection, as well as, short circuit and reserve polarity protection built-in. Only an event resulting in electrolyte spillage would we expect any sort of damage to be caused by/between the BACS module and the battery.